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RFID Frame for order picking by pickers in an online service warehouse with product delivery robots.

Base technologies:
RFID identification, photoelectric and infrared detection.

Patents: ES2662696B1, US10073996B2, CN108885753A, EP3509028A1, JP2019533263A, IN201927005706A, BR112019004169A2

for the User

1 – Order picking with Kiva robots

The order picker is exclusively dedicated to the proper packing of the items that arrive ordered by weight, volume and fragility thanks to the mobile shelves of the Kiva robot system. The fast4shop Frame integrated with the ordering system automatically controls order / checkout errors and fulfillment as well as the movement of mobile shelves.

Hands-free to arrange the items!

2 – Preparation of orders with Ocado distributor

Similarly, the fast4shop Frame integrated with the Ocado hive system automatically controls order / box errors and fulfillment as well as the movement of boxes on the conveyor belts.

Total control of the order content and the movement of the boxes!

fot the Business


Growing demand for the e-Grocery channel

The acceleration of demand for the online channel of Large Distribution requires the deployment of logistics warehouses that integrate and optimize mechanization to the maximum (robots for delivering products to the order picker) with human resources dedicated to exclusively packing tasks.

Semi-mechanized craft operation

The proper nesting of dozens of food items of a typical order is a difficult task of robotization, fast4shop Frame is an effective solution that contributes to adding mechanization to a task of a traditional nature.

Free hands

Order pickers in an e-commerce grocery warehouse require that their hands be exclusively dedicated to packing groceries. fast4shop Frame frees the picker from order control, product scanning and button presses.

Automatic control to arrange the items

With fast4shop Frame integrated in the ordering system, the picker entry of items into the box is controlled in real time, ordered by weight, volume and fragility. fast4shop automatically activates the advance of products on the conveyor belts or mobile shelves with the fulfillment of the order or stopping them and issuing warning errors.


The productivity of the order picker in the semi-traditional grocery packing procedure increases dramatically with fast4shop Frame, freeing him from any control task, and only dedicated to the art of optimizing the volume of the box and a correct arrangement of heterogeneous items.